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Empowering young adults across Wake, Johnston, Chatham, Lee, and Orange counties in the capital area.
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    The perfect career path is out there.

    Capital Area's NCWorks NextGen Centers clear the path for youth facing life hurdles—legal issues, home challenges, missed education, or confusion about the future. We have the tools, training, and support to get young people moving forward!

    What We Offer


    Life as a young adult can feel like navigating a maze. NCWorks NextGen understands the overwhelming nature of this phase. We offer individualized plans and support to guide participants toward their goals. Whether they need to pursue higher education, overcome substance use, enter the workforce or all of the above, our services pave the way!

    Meet Jalen!

    Success Story

    Capital Area NextGen participants like Jalen reflect our team’s dedication and the impact our services have on the lives of young people. From small moments of joy to life-changing transformations, these are the stories that keep us pushing the boundaries of excellence.

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